Man Vs. Nature / Fear Walks With You

by Young Believers

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William Sharpe - Vocals/Guitar
Tom Reeve - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Hunter - Drums
Jonny Scarisbrick - Bass
Ian Ellwood - Banjo/Vocals

Recorded & Engineered by Simon McGrath at Eigur Studio, Leeds.


released March 3, 2012

Songs written by William Sharpe & Tom Reeve




Young Believers York, UK

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Track Name: Man Vs. Nature
In a house by the redwood trees in the land of the midnight sun...
You're gonna be alone, again, with your memories my friend,
all your thoughts gonna be undone.
In the trees by the long black lake there's a man with a bait filled hook,
He's thinking of a fish for his dish, any animal you wish
at the end of a loaded gun.

Man Vs. Nature,
It's one on on,
He's saying "Let's get back to the great outdoors, it's where we once belonged."
Man Vs. Nature,
Red in tooth and claw,
Though the lights shine bright, well it don't feel right,
to live round here no more.

At the end of a shotgun sight there's a bird with a nice plump breast.
He's thinking of his fork, his knife, and every kind of spice,
and the sauce that'll suit him best. Then he turns and...
His cold eyes meet with his potential meat's and the life that's gonna be snuffed out.
He's thinking it was quite absurd to think he'd ever have the nerve to put a steel ball in that chest.

Man Vs. Nature...etc...

Now we crave electric lights as the sunset starts to fade.
And when I hear wild creatures howl it's creature comforts that keep me brave.
And in the shadow shifting darkness all throughout the coal black night...
there'll be a voice inside your head, screaming out to feet "take flight!"

Man Vs. Nature...etc...
Track Name: Fear Walks With You
One hand clenched into a fist, the other cutting through the mist.
Wind it rises past your face where angels do not know you.
The shimmering of distant lights reminds you of a different life,
Something quite un-ordinary seems to take a hold.

Fear walks with you,
Fear walks with you,
And you'll always struggle,
To see what's true.

Clandestine deliverer with a face that seems familiar
Beckons you toward the door where kind faced figures wait.
They greet you with a broken nose and laugh at all your your scruffy clothes
They pick you up and dust you off and hand you a red rose

Fear walks with you
Fear walks with you
And you'll always struggle,
To see what's true.

Jostle for your audience with words primed with benevolence,
The clinking of the glasses splits the intoxicating air.
The dancing girl moves like the sea, she's bathed in different destinies,
Calmly whispers in your ear that madness chances you.

Fear walks with you,
Fear walks with you,
And you'll always struggle,
Always struggle,
And you'll always struggle,
To see what's true.